Thursday, January 21, 2010

Simplicity Over Creativity

I'm not always a big fan of menswear collections because they all seem too similar to each other. I know, I know, the slight differences in each collection should be noted and discussed, but still, its my opinion. Recently, however, many designers have been taking up the task of keeping each piece in their collection completely unique and unlike any other. Some examples of these are Rad Hourani, Alexander McQueen of course, Dries van Noten... When I started thinking about which S/S10 collection I liked the best, the only collection that stood out was Louis Vuitton. To my surprise, the reason I love the collection so much is because of it's simplicity and wearability. Every other designer could have made this collection, but they didn't because they were being unique.

The main recurring theme in the collection seems to be the idea of an old world, rich and plush bourgeois with a modern twist. The wool coats, suits and sweaters are very sophisticated. I know i'm being completely bias by making Louis Vuitton my favorite collection because all of the S/S10 collections haven't arrived yet, but the idea that another collection will top this one is so unfathomable.

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