Monday, August 31, 2009

POP Princess

Thirteen year-old Tavi is my girl. She doesn't know it, and she might not ever know it, but nonetheless, she's amazing. Get this, she's a blogger. You might read her blog, or not, but it doesnt matter. She's 13 and on the cover of POP f/w 09. She's also been featured in Teen Vogue and had an editorial in Grazia.

Love the artwork on the POP covers by Damien Hirst. Definitely excited to see what the contents of the magazine are like. I know for one that Tavi took all of the photos of herself, with the help of clothes sent over by POP of course. 

She's really the most perfect example of a blogger that I think has used her opinion to gain mass attention in the fashion world. It also helps that the two POP covers of Tavi look amazing... I'm getting the one with gold glitter. Loves!

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