Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New York Fashion Week!

So as some of us may know, New York fashion week unofficially started today. There werent any big designer shows, just some upcoming designers that were lucky enough to be included on the fashion calendar. What im really looking forward to is the Vena Cava show tomorrow, Sept 10th.

I'm super excited about Phillip Lim (presentation) and Rage & Bone on Friday. Soooo excited to see the coats that Rag has in store for us this season. PERFECTION... Some other big hitters who i'm sure will do an amazing job are King Marc Jacobs of course, who's show is next Monday. Can't wait to see Calvin Klein next Thursday! That's probably the most anticipated show for me. Just the simple, chic jackets and structural dresses. O M G, my heart's going to melt.

For men, I can't wait for the Rad Hourani collection, John Varvatos and Richard Chai. They always bring it when it comes to men's tailoring. LOVE. I'll have much more coverage as the season goes on.

You'll be sure to get lots of insite and opinions from me and maybe even a couple interviews from fashion know-hows. Also, unlike some of my other fashionista friends, I'm looking forward to Milan. Paris is always there to bring it, so I'm not too worried about that.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chadwick Can Do No Wrong

Chadwick Tyler's a great photographer with a unique vision. Every photo's a great photo. I'm in love with his new campaign for Levi's with Meghan Collison and Josh Beech. I love how relaxed the ads are. Almost reminds me of small town love birds with dreams of moving to the city. You can almost see the New York skyline in the distance. Meghan looks great as always and Josh? Well Josh is giving good face. I'm happy to see Chadwick moving up the ranks from testing photographer to working mogul. Levi's F/W 09/10!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jet Set

I love reading a good magazine whenever I'm flying. On my way to Boca Raton, Palm Beach today, Numero 106 with Lara Stone on the cover is a must. I can always count on Numero for some inspiration and a good read. I'm also re-reading Paris to the Moon by Adam Gobnik. AMAAZING book about Gobnik spending 5 years in Paris with his wife and new born son. Check them out!

Iris Strubegger by Glen Luchford: Need I Say More?

This editorial is from the September 2009 Vogue Italia. Once again, Iris captivates us with her strong and elegant poses and a perfectly sculpted face. It looks as if she's lounging in a world that has been doubly affected by the recession and global warming. Glen Luchford=genius. Loves!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Rad Hourani Is My Hero

Im droolingggggg over Rad Hourani boots! He's had the most amazing boots I've basically ever seen for men. Picture all black leather boots with chunky 2 or 3 and (gasp!) maybe even 4 inch heels for men. 

I've been to his past two collections and the boots always get me. I need a pair NOW! Check out this photo that I took backstage at his last show.

Terry's Done It Again, Just Like He Did It Last Time

The concept of the cover seems just SO repetitive to me. I get that Purple's innovative and Terry Richardson is genius, but i'm looking for something that will BLOW ME AWAY. 

Great cover, not sure that the contents will interest me much. I do, however, love the Dree Hemingway portraits by Inez and Vinoodh. She has such a classic face. 

POP Princess

Thirteen year-old Tavi is my girl. She doesn't know it, and she might not ever know it, but nonetheless, she's amazing. Get this, she's a blogger. You might read her blog, or not, but it doesnt matter. She's 13 and on the cover of POP f/w 09. She's also been featured in Teen Vogue and had an editorial in Grazia.

Love the artwork on the POP covers by Damien Hirst. Definitely excited to see what the contents of the magazine are like. I know for one that Tavi took all of the photos of herself, with the help of clothes sent over by POP of course. 

She's really the most perfect example of a blogger that I think has used her opinion to gain mass attention in the fashion world. It also helps that the two POP covers of Tavi look amazing... I'm getting the one with gold glitter. Loves!

The New Kid's a Cool Kid

My boy Yuri's been all over the place lately. He's doing more shows, campaigns and some MAJOR editorial work! He has that kind of gangsta, white boy with a hint of urban decay look and I'm loving it. Love the new Marc Jacobs ad with him as well. (It looks like he's just chillen in his room and I wouldn't deny it).

One of my favorite editorials of Yuri are from New Wave Magazine, titled "New Kid In Town." I love that photographer Jolijn Snijders captures Yuri's quirky personality so well. I do have to say though, that serious, rugged look he usually gives definitely works for me, and everyone else it seems nowadays. 

Check out some photos from the spread!

The September Issue

Talk about a recession before we actually felt the effects is probably the most legitimate reason why Anna Wintour opted to open the arms of Vogue's creative army to the world. The September Issue, directed by RJ Cutler, is without a doubt a way for Conde Nast to make money. Who cares?

The documentary didn't fail to show us the true personalities of the editors at Vogue, including Anna. It was entertaining, chic, and above all, a seemingly honest representation of what Vogue is really like. 

You know, I never believed that Anna's blunt and direct attitude was just for show. Vogue has been so successful because adults in any industry, need a leader that they can't say no to and learn from. Anna gets this, and thats why she's the Queen B.